Bhai’s Bites


This all vegetarian gem in Richmond Hill was amazing! Chef Sanjeev is famous for his show Khana Khazana, so growing up having it in the background on weekend mornings when making breakfast with my mum, it was natural that I had to try his restaurant! Bhai’s Canteen is the newest addition to the Host Hospitality Group umbrella, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint!

From the moment we stepped in the door, the décor just took my breath away. It was simplistic, but done tastefully. The vibes of India showed through from the wall art to even the bathroom décor.

Indian food is done best family style, so we decided to stick to that and ordered a variety of dishes. We started off with a pani puri competition! We had so much fun, and the pani puri was the best we’ve had in the city! Although I can’t quite say that I won, I can say that I enjoyed each and every one of those 6 pani puri’s to the max! The pani puri came with the cutest presentation, with a syringe in the ‘pani’ portion which made the competition that much more fun!

pani puri.jpg

We then had the rest of the dishes come out together, which included

KHUMB MEIN SEEKH – Tandoori Mushrooms












The food was all presented well, and the taste of each of the dishes was exquisite. The traditional thali style servings were authentic, keeping true to both the street style food and maintaining a fine dining experience! My favourite dish, though difficult to decide, would have to be the choley bhaturey! I enjoy spicy food that’s not over the top, and this dish was just the perfect amount of spice! It didn’t compromise on flavor at all, and although I was full I still wanted to eat a bit more! (That’s when you KNOW the food is good!)

My only regrets of the evening were that I didn’t try the karak chai, or the traditional Indian deserts! Because it was a friends birthday, we did have a delicious cake from one of my favourite bakeries in the city; Nadege! We had the Marie Antoinette Macaron cake which was AMAZING! The restaurant was very accommodating for the birthday, providing plates, forks and even candles! Overall, an incredible dining experience and I was very happy with the service too!

I definitely recommend you give Bhai’s a try as well! Let me know if you decide to go, and what your favorite dish was!


Happy dining!

Xo, Ally


Yorkville Cafe Crawl

Yorkville – a gorgeous upscale neighborhood commonly referred to as the annex was once the Canadian capital of the hippie movement. Now, as one of the best places to find all your designer gems at your fingertips, it also has a huge selection of great food that will satisfy any foodie! But what I love most whilst shopping is a nice hot cup of tea in the crisp fall weather.  But let’s be honest, I enjoy a hot cup of tea whilst doing just about anything! And since I work in Yorkville, I tend to try out all the café’s in the area. Whether it is to sit and cuddle with a good book before work, or to grab a quick latte and pistachio croissant (SO GOOD!)  I have narrowed down the perfect café crawl list in Yorkville you have to visit, and a few of my favorites at each.

Because I am self-proclaimed tea addict, most of my choices will be tea inspired. if I do have coffee, it’s usually a latte or chocolate mocha. I have done my research for tasty coffee too, don’t worry!!

Sorry Coffee Co. (102 Bloor St W – In the Kit and Ace store)

  • Earl Grey Misto – this is the first on my list for a reason. I am OBSESSED! (As I’m sure you can tell by the number of pictures from this place!) The tea is absolutely amazing, fresh leaves that they steep with steamed milk and hot water. They have this liquid sugar that is a must with this to give it the perfect sweetness. I highly recommend it!
  • Chocolate hazelnut croissant – It’s the perfect sweet treat and it’s a small croissant, so you don’t feel guilty having the extra calories ( #sorrynotsorry )



Café Moi (1200 Bay St.)

  • Assortment of fresh tea leaves that smell & taste amazing! I especially like their iced teas infused with vanilla! So perfect on a hot day!
  • Hands down the BEST croissant I’ve ever has, the pistachio croissant is so worth it! It’s on the pricier side, but this is a heavenly treat! It’s made at the famous Parisian bakery Delysees (and I would also recommend stopping by that bakery if you’re ever around the area (780 King St. W)


Goldstruck Coffee (130 Cumberland St.)

  • Their Latte was quite strong, and a bold taste for a coffee lover. A bit too strong for me, I only have it once in a while when I really need a pick me up! But I have to say the beans were freshly roasted and you could definitely tell the difference! Next time I need a gold star caffeine rush (get it?!) I know where to go! The interiors are super cute, and have character the minute you walk in the doors! I love places like this for the ambiance as well, my only regret is that the menu doesn’t include any teas! Next time I’ll be sure to try out their baked goods as well!

Nespresso Boutique Bar (159 Cumberland St.)

  • The famous Nespresso coffee machine has a flagship store in Yorkville that’s super chic, with high ceilings and a café and retail store. The décor is beautiful, and I have yet to try their food but will be going by in the near future to try the lobster Panini! It’s a great date spot, after work coffee bar or to enjoy a latte after dinner, but the down side is that they don’t do take out! Not the best for those working in the area, but hopefully a suggestion they’ll take into consideration!

That about sums up some of my favorite places, and I guarantee you once you try them you’ll be back for more! I have a few places in the area that have sweet treats that deserve an honorable mention below! Hope you have a chance to check out a few of these places, and enjoy the gorgeous area while you’re at it!

  • Prairie Girl
  • Trattoria Nervosa
  • Holt’s café

Xo, Ally